Friday, March 2, 2012

I need to wear an apron to work

So, I work childcare at a gym three mornings a week. I absolutely love this gym and working childcare lets me get my kid fix without a life-changing decision and gets me a free gym membership that I wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

Sometimes, working with children doesn't go as planned. Wait, scratch that. Working with children never goes as planned. This morning the G man, who is just over a year and still really unsteady on his feet, fell over and hit his face on a toy he was carrying. Of course, I scoop him up into a big hug. A few minutes later, I discover that his nose and mouth have been bleeding onto and through my light yellow shirt onto my tank top. Thankfully, I think babies are super cute or I would have been mad.

I have dodged spit-up, slobber, snot, and blood at this job. I have the sicknesses to prove it. I am seriously contemplating an apron or overshirt to wear. I mean, everyone there already thinks I am the cray-cray baby-whisperer.

BTW, why is MTV playing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now? I mean, I'm not complaining because I love this movie. It just seems like a mis-match.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm going to try and actually be a blogger this time...

So, I have been reading blogs lately and I really want to throw my hat back into the ring. Of course I try to do this in probably the busiest four months of my entire life. By June 30th I will have:

1) Bought (or watched while Andrew bought) a new townhouse and moved into it
2 ) Watched the kiddles while Andrew went to Europe on business for a week
3 ) finished planning the wedding and
4 ) have the wedding.

I'm not sure I have really thought this through. Either way, I am getting over the cold of a lifetime and am trying to take the bull by the horns and do everything again. That means doing laundry (including Andrew's beanie which he wears to cover his crazy, curly, mind-of-its-own hair), thinking about actually sending out our wedding invitations, and coughing my lungs out while I took an exercise class this morning. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually paint my nails with the nail polish I set out tonight.

The nails don't paint themselves!