Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time flies when you are watching two kids!

It has been two months since I've written a post, AAAAAHHH! My life has been full of two things: Bella and Derek. They are the cutest 6 and 3 year olds you'll ever meet! I have a week and a half left of nannying and I am going to miss them so much! I figure I'll make a list of things I love and that I'll miss about this summer.

1. Insightful conversations about things like if everything in the world turned blue and why we have two pipes stemming from our mouth.
2. Repeating everything Bella wants me to say to keep her happy.
3. Being the mom/sister/momma puppy of the imaginary family of the day.
4. Pushing Derek on his bike because he refuses to pedal.
5. Watching Phineas and Ferb every morning.
6. Cuddling with Derek while we watch movies.
7. Taking a multitude of pictures of things like dolls and the dog: Fozzie Bear.
8. Going with the kiddos to places where they are in such awe and having so much fun that they can't even pose for pictures!
9. Installing rules like "No squeezing juiceboxes!" and my #1 rule: "No getting hurt" (Bella doesn't think that is a real rule though)
10. Introducing the kids to the Beatles and having them enjoy it.
11. Having the most consistently well-behaved kids at library storytime.
12. Laughing when I have to keep telling Derek that he can't whistle in the library or run and skip in McDonalds.
13. Hearing the on a day I wasn't there, Derek kept insisting he would wait to eat breakfast until I got there.
14. Having Bella enjoy her summer so much that she didn't remember her favorite teacher at school.
15. Trying my hardest to put off using the Easy Bake Oven as long as I can!
16. Convincing the little nudist to put on clothes even though he'd rather have me bascially wrestle him into them.
17. Driving with the kiddos to a fun place.
18. Loving all of their quirks and being so excited to spend all of next summer with them also!

I start student teaching on the 30th and I hope I'll have more time to post on here!

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