Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Changes...I want to turn to face the sun

I am restless, listless, a titch depressed and want a change. Soon, my whole life will be overhauled. And I can't wait for that. In less then a month, I will be done with school, moving to a place where I'll have limited connections, and finally have adult responsibilities.

I have been in school ever since I can remember. And I like it. I am good at school, I am a good student. I excel in most subjects, I test well and I am a dream student. But it is a comfort zone for me. I feel too comfortable soaking in knowledge and then divulging it into a paper or test. Starting in the fall, I will be student teaching. I will be on the other side of the desk. It is nerve wracking, scary, exciting, and exhilirating.

I have never really had my own space. After living with my parents, I moved into a dorm, and then 3 seperate rented apartments that I shared with others. I have never really gotten to decorate it how I want to. I've never been able to have a completely clean place.

I don't have a lot of friends in Winona. Now, don't think this is me being sad, I tend to hang with a small, select group of people instead of having a ton of friends. But I am excited to branch out somewhere new and find new people. The place that I am moving is far away from people I know. I will be living with Andrew, but other then that, my family will be 3 hours away along with my best friends. I will be forced to find new friends and I hope they will be life-long friends.

Even though I'm in college, I am still not really an adult. I mean, I have some responsibilities, but soon I will be liable for everything: cleaning the apartment, keeping the car in good shape, paying all of the bills, setting up my own doctor's appointments, etc. While there is a part of me that is scared, I also think I am ready.

I know not many people read this, but to whoever is reading, I hope that you are living vicariously through me. I will be blogging every step of my thrilling adventure.


  1. Oh mik, you'll be fine! Part of this is what our wonderful boys are for! They keep you on track :)
    I'm feeling the same way only one semester behind you! I student teach in the spring, and Teej and I are getting a place this fall. I'm super scared too, but this is the natural flow of life. And if I know you, you will take to it fine.
    As far as friends go, I'm exactly the same way. I'm nervous about making friends too, I feel like I'm running out of time to do that in school. Hooray for being a future professional - exciting and terrifying.
    I'm here for ya! student teaching's going to be a BLAST and you will learn so much. And if the world starts crashin down on you, lean on Andrew - that's why he's there! :D
    Keep my posted on how your S.T. goes!

    Sincerely - Wirkus

  2. Well hey Emily! Sorry I haven't responded. In the last couple of weeks I became a really bad blogger haha. You are right, this is all natural! And I am really glad it is happening. I am loving this new feeling of being an adult. I will definitely keep you and the small number of blog readers I have posted. :)