Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Alright, so I have been a bad blogger, but here is what has been happening in my life. I finished up my last classes and passed them all. (I would've been very surprised if I didn't pass because I have never actually failed a class!) I have taken and passed 3 out of 4 of my Praxis tests, which are to get my teaching license.

I packed up all of my stuff and moved it 2 hours away using only a Saturn. I have moved into my townhouse and I LOVE it! We have officially put almost everything away. We got a new couch delivered and it is super comfy. Andrew and I have started taking a nightly walk. We live in a great area next to a park and it is fun to explore!

I have started working at Andrew's company. I do data entry, odd jobs, and eventually secratary work while everyone else is in Switzerland. Starting in July, I'll be a nanny. I watched a marathon of "Hoarders" on Memorial Day and became interested in becoming a professional organizer, but we'll see how that goes.

I have met with one of my teachers for student teaching and have become very excited to start! Even though I'll be student teaching for four months, just looking at the calendar looks like it will be no time at all. After student teaching, I have NO idea what I am going to end up doing!

Today I am planning on exploring the Oakdale library after work. I have a list of organization books I'd like to pick up to explore this new-found hobby. This weekend my little bro-bro graduates from high school, so tomorrow my grandparents are picking me up and bringing me down home. I'll spend Friday (otherwise known as my birthday) cleaning the house for Mason's grad party and attending a very warm and long graduation ceremony. Oh well, it'll be nice to be at home for a little bit!

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