Friday, December 31, 2010

A look back at 2010

2010 has been a year that changed my life. So I'll take a look back.

January-Celebrated one year anniversary with Keagle, started my last sememster of classes in college

February-Discovered where I'd be student teaching and looked at housing in the Twin Cities, Keagle turned 24

March-Keagle started work as "The Head of North American Tech Support" for a smaller company

April-My sister turned 15 and got her permit, scary!

May-I took the last finals of my college career, moved into our awesome townhouse!

June-I turned 22 :), I watched the office while Keagle and his co-workers went to Germany and Switzerland, I started nannying the two most adorable children ever! (More stories about them to come!)

July-My best friend got married to her high school sweetheart

August-I started student teaching in a kindergarten classroom

September-Still busy student teaching!!

October-More student teaching, my last day was the Halloween party and we all came as different types of fish, My brother turned 19

November-I moved to student teaching in a 9th grade English class, which was quite the transition! We spent Thanksgiving with my family

December-I finish student teaching and graduated college with two degrees without walking at the ceremony, we recieved 21 inches of snow in a couple of days and have since broken the December snow record, Keagle and I become engaged on Christmas Eve :)

Here's hoping that 2011 is just as great of a year, if not better!

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