Friday, December 31, 2010

2012 Resolutions

I will attempt to track these goals throughout the year. I'm really hoping that being unemployed at the moment will help me stick to these better then previous years.

1. Lose weight (Start eating more fruits and vegetables, start exercising more, etc.)

2. Plan a wedding without losing my mind!

3. Develop a cleaning plan and stick with it.

4. Find at least a part-time job in an education-related field.

5. Create a budget to start paying back credit card debt, student loan debt, and put away money for the wedding. (Currently, I have about $1000 in credit card debt which came from getting wisdom teeth out, getting stitches after cutting my hand open, and visiting the doctor in an unsuccessful attempt to figure out why I kept getting sick. I also have $60,000 in student loans that will need to start getting paid off in June 2011)

6. Continue my education on my own by reading through works both in and out of the literary canon and on subjects that interest me. Try for one to two books a week.


  1. Heee! When's the wedding? Good luck on the whole "not losing your mind thing"!

  2. We are thinking June 2012, but I won't be sure until I hear back from the ceremony/reception place. Thanks! I really hope I am able to stay sane! I see you are also engaged, so good luck to you on your planning also!

  3. I just put up my resolutions post...I will check in once in a while with updates...I can't wait to read about your wedding plans!!!