Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life as an unemployed adult

I have spent the last two days as an unemployed, not in school person. It has been a strange experience! This is the first time in my life I have truly had nothing to do. Of course, I have been cleaning, cooking, and running errands. But I have discovered the one thing that really bugs me...people either not answering emails or not reading the entire email before answering. I'll tell you my two stories.

1) I have started corresponding with a man who books for the golf course I want to have my wedding at. He seems to have a problem I call "Not-read-everythingitis." No matter how specific I make my questions and even though I mention specific dates, he still manages to either not answer or read the wrong date. Typically, I do not mistake July for June. You would think when you are booking large events that you would read things pretty closely.

2) I started the paperwork to apply for my teaching license. I actually will be getting two licenses for my two degrees. While the instructions I recieved on how to apply seemed crystal-clear before the application process, it has somehow morphed into something as clear as mud. I have no idea what I need two copies of or if I need two copies of things. Fortunately, the website had an email if there were problems. Unfortunately, this person either doesn't check their email or has decided to let me struggle with my problem, making me unable to find a sub job while my license is in limbo.

Even though the wedding won't be for another year and a half, I have wanted to get the planning ball rolling. One of the things I wanted to do is pick the wedding colors. Even though all of the planning books and magazines say not to worry about it, Keagle and I want to keep the budget as low as possible. I will be budget shopping for centerpieces and other things now that we have the colors set (I hope!).

Any ways, today I went to Home Depot to pick up paint samples so that we could decide. I've never done that before. As I picked through them all, I felt like I was stealing! Maybe it's because I feel really out of place picking out paint samples. Everyone else in that department looked like a middle-aged soccer moms. I still look like a college student. Oh well, I got the samples, got out, and we are thinking of navy blue, mint green, and some gray accents.

I am looking at 3 more days this week of cleaning, cooking, and dreaming about the wedding. That means I will probably be on here a lot more. :)


  1. That means more time to post here!!! How about a "first date" story?