Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The first check in!

So here are my 6 resolutions for this year. Let us take a look at where I stand right now, about a week and a half into the new year.
1. Lose weight-I haven't lost much weight yet, but I have been more aware of my food choices. I have cut down on snacks and added more fruits and vegetables to my diet. Keagle has been joining in some of these choices. He even ate the spinach I put in his salad the other day! I also got a job at a gym (more on that further down) that lets me take all of their workout classes for free! Now to just motivate myself to go to the classes....
2. Plan a wedding without losing my mind!-I have picked a tentative date, but Keagle and I are going to my hometown in a week from Saturday to talk to a place for the ceremony and reception. After that, we should know the date. We also had dinner with Keagle's parents and the next day they revealed that they were going to give us a lot more money then we originally thought! We are so excited to learn we will be less in debt with this wedding!

3. Develop a cleaning plan and stick with it.-Well, I haven't developed a plan, but everything is a lot cleaner! I consistently do the dishes, laundry, and regular cleaning like the bathroom and such. I also packed away all of the Christmas decorations along with the Halloween ones after I went through and arranged our storage closet. I am quite pleased with how nice everything looks!

4. Find at least a part-time job in an education-related field.-Okay, it isn't technically education-related, but I got a job subbing in as a childcare assistant at the gym I mentioned above. When they need someone or even just an extra person, they call me in. It doesn't pay much, but money is money and I get a free gym membership!

5. Create a budget to start paying back credit card debt, student loan debt, and put away money for the wedding.-I haven't created a budget yet. I am hoping to pay off my credit card before my student loans come due in June. After learning that Keagle's parents are chipping in a significant amount, saving for the wedding won't be as needed as I previously thought. Therefore the money that I start earning will go towards my student loans. I have been applying to other jobs because ideally, I will pay for half of the rent and then put most of my left-over money into my loan to pay it off.
6. Continue my education on my own by reading through works both in and out of the literary canon and on subjects that interest me.-I finished reading "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgessand really enjoyed it. I have been debating writting a review of it, but haven't decided yet whether I am going to. I am also reading "A Short History of the 20th Century" by Geoffrey Blainey. I find it interesting, but have had a hard time getting into it. I think I am too worried about the wedding, finances, finding a job, etc. to read something this heavy. But I will keep trying!


  1. I hope you are better at keeping your resolutions than me.

  2. You're doing great!!! Keep it up!!! I used to work at the YMCA kid watch so I could work out for free...it was nice!

  3. Atropos-this is the first year I've actually made resolutions that I haven't broken in the first couple of days! So far, it is going well. We'll see if I can keep it up though!

    Stormy-Thanks! And even though I hardly work at the gym, I have really taken advantage of their workout classes! I actually worked as a camp counselor at the YMCA when I was in high school/college.