Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm a horrible Internet Friend

I haven't written in a while. I feel really bad about it. But I have been a little lazy and there isn't really anything exciting going on right now.

So let me think of things that have happened:

1)I have worked a couple of hours of childcare at the gym. The kids are adorable and having them for only an hour means you have plenty of fun before they leave.

2)I have been taking some exercise classes at the gym. I actually made it all of the way through Kick and Core last week and tried Pilates Mat this morning. I am contemplating trying the PUSH class tomorrow. It is labeled "Intermediate/Advanced" and I have heard it is hard. Am I ready for it? I guess I'll have to see tomorrow, if I don't chicken out.

3)I went back to my hometown last Saturday and got to watch my sister dance with her high school dance team. They were cheated out of placing, but got 4th place. She did excellent and it is always fun to watch her! Here is a picture of her that was published in our hometown paper.

That is her, right in front! She would kill me if she knew I put this up here. I can just tell she hates this picture!
BTW, they danced to a kind of techno Harry Potter song, she didn't just forget to wash her face

4) While in my hometown, we met with the place that I want to hold both our ceremony and reception at. It is expensive, but I love it. There really isn't anywhere else in town that holds a candle to it. We have contemplated moving the wedding to late April 2012 to save some money. We would save $1000 on our reception by moving it to the off-season. We'll see though.

5) I have found a few places online to make a little money. I started doing work for Amazon Mechanical Turk. My friends laughed when I told them I literally work for pennies. But I have earned about $5 so far, so any money is good money! I have also started taking online surveys when I can.

Well, I think that is about it in the World of Mikki. I will, of course, think of something better to write about. And I promise I won't drop you like a hot potato again!

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