Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Wisdom of Kindergarteners

When I was student teaching last fall, I spent 10 weeks in kindergarten before I moved to teach high school English. On my last day in elemntary school, the class gave me a book they had written called "Advice on How to Teach High School." I figured I would pass on a few gems.

"Make them go to the principal's office"-Carter

"Teach them to read a book"-Joey

"Make them do homework"-Tristan

"Make them tie their shoes"-Jack

"Don't hit"-Bella (I'm not sure if this was advice for the students not to hit each other or for me not to hit the students!)

"If they are not listening, count to ten"-Ainsley

"Don't throw food"-Ty (Again, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to stop food fights or just not start them!)

"Sing the good morning song"-Miana

"Don't pull hair"-Danny (Once more, whoever this advice is directed to, it is a good idea to not pull hair)

"Stop! You have to tell me if you go to the bathroom"-Jamie (I suppose I'm to yell this as my students run out the door)

"Do not do gymnastics in the classroom"-Adalyn (I probably shouldn't do cartwheels if I want to garner respect from the high school students)

"Don't let the high schoolers run in the hall"-Shannon

"Don't run away"-Stella

Each of these pieces of advice came with a picture, of course, that I hope to put on another post on of these days. I miss this class dearly and I can't wait until I get my teaching license so I can go back and sub for their class!

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