Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking back at January

Alright, I'm going to take a look back at January and see how I did on my resolutions.

1. Lose weight (Start eating more fruits and vegetables, start exercising more, etc.)-I have lost 5 pounds already! I have been going to 2-3 workout classes a week and have been tracking my calories online. I'm hoping it keeps going this well!

2. Plan a wedding without losing my mind!-We had a meeting with a ceremony/reception space in my hometown. We liked it, but we need to really think about our budget and see if it fits in there. (Secretly, I reallllly want it to it in there! :) But we'll see what happens!)

3. Develop a cleaning plan and stick with it.-I have no cleaning plan and I'm okay with that. I do manage to keep everything clean. I have gotten to the point where the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms are typically clean. The living room is my dump spot, so I need to work on that. And I refuse to clean the "man cave" until Keagle picks it up!

4. Find at least a part-time job in an education-related field.-I have started working 2 hours a week doing childcare for the gym. It isn't much money, but it is fun and I get a free membership to an AWESOME gym! I have an interview tonight at 10 pm for an overnight stocking job. While this isn't education related, it is a job with an income. I'm really not sure how I feel about it though. I'll try to tell you tomorrow after the interview.

5. Create a budget to start paying back credit card debt, student loan debt, and put away money for the wedding.-This has not been happening. I earn about $15 a week at the gym and $10 a week doing random work online. I have been saving it all, but it is still hard to come up with a budget for not much money.

6. Continue my education on my own by reading through works both in and out of the literary canon and on subjects that interest me. Try for one to two books a week.-I have slacked on my reading, which is sad for me! I have tried, but I just can't get into reading right now. I'm sure it'll change at some point, I just need the right book. I do try to continue my education by watching documentaries and the History Channel and doing puzzle for a mental exercise.

Well, I think I am doing really well on half of the resolutions and not so good on the other half.

Things we did in January:
1. Visited my family and watched my sister dance in a competition.
2. Decorated the den
3. Started losing weight
4. Went to a small bridal showcase on making your own invitations (Keagle loved that one...)
5. Checked out a ceremony/reception space that I fell in love with
6. I finished a 1500 piece puzzle with only 2 missing pieces

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