Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am the Worst Blogger Ever!

I haven't written in forever, but it is because nothing is really happening to me! As far as school is concerned, all of my classes are going fine and dandy! I am working on 2 portfolios, one for the English part of my degree and one for the Education part. It isn't the funnest thing to do and I'll be glad when I have them all turned in!

My application to graduate has been accepted and I have turned in all my paperwork for Student Teaching. Now, we wait......

As far as anything else, Andrew has FINALLY figured out why he has been so sick. Now we can finally start treating it! I'm just glad that we have an answer!

I have also realized how much extra stuff I have around and have made it my personal goal to declutter as much as possible before I move again! I inherited being a packrat from my mother and I tend to form emotional attachments with all of my belongings, so getting rid of them is almost physically painful!I had a great day yesterday going through a lot of my stuff. So, wish me luck as I continue to declutter!


  1. Haha Thanks Cy! I had a 7th grade science teacher that called me that from "Seinfeld"!