Thursday, December 10, 2009

Driving and Band Practice

Today, I drove up to see the boy. Apparently, even though the roads were completely clear, people thought they had to drive super slowly and still I saw cars in the ditch.

At one point, there was a car going 45 in a 60. I, with my road rage, proceeded to get a bit angry. As I passed the car, however, I noticed that a small, old nun was driving. So, cute little nun, I am sorry for getting angry at your driving....But you should speed up a bit.

Of course, it being a Thursday, we had to attend band practice. Andrew's band, Control Theory, is an awesome band! (I know, I'm biased!) But if I happen to be up here on Thursdays, I spend an hour or two at band practice reading a book and slowly becoming deaf. Don't get me wrong, I love it! Their next gig is in January and since I'm 21, it has been great going to their gigs!

Andrew and I also spent the day watching Christmas specials at my insistence. Christmas specials are my favorites! I wanted him to bring me home before the Flintstones Christmas special tonight. We got home just in time to make popcorn and watch it!

In sad news, my brother's hockey team lost tonight. :( They better win when I watch!!

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