Monday, December 14, 2009


So, I am obsessed with the Duggar show, mostly out of curiosity and not understanding their mindset. Last week, Michelle delivered #19 very early. I'm enough of a dork to care deeply enough and be worried. I really hope this baby is a fighter and pulls through with no major disabilities. On to what I was going to say...

On Saturday, I had a dream that I was best friends with Amy, the cousin of the Duggars. We were going with the family to somewhere like the Excel Center, but when we got there, whatever was going on wasn't "Christan" enough, so we just sat in the lobby. Michelle and JimBob were off somewhere so I had to help watch all of these kids! I remember being irresponsible and sending Jackson to the bathroom by himself to wash frosting off of his face!

But, either way, I wish the Duggars all the best! Even though I have completely opposite views from the Duggars for the most part, I still have grown to enjoy their show and I hope the best for them!

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