Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is going on?

Well, as I just finished my 7th sememster of college, I decided now would be a good time to finally get on starting a blog! I've been thinking about it forever and now that I have a month off of school, I am able to get my thoughts out

Here are the basics of me:
-My name is Mikki and that is all you need to know! I am named after my grandmother, whose nickname was Mickey.
-I am going to school as a double major for Elementary Education and Secondary English Education. Yes, I am crazy!
-I have a boyfriend of almost a year, Andrew. I love him so much I learned to drive in the big city for him!
-Which leads into me as a small town Minnesotan girl! I love it here and even though this morning I dug my car out of a 3 foot drift of snow, I somehow continue to love it!
-I have a brother who is a senior in high school and a sister who is a freshman in high school. I also have a teacher mother and a cement mason father. Combine that with 2 dogs (1 gigantic and 1 drama queen) and a feminine male cat and our family is complete!

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