Sunday, December 20, 2009

Money issues

Well, as a college student, money is hard to come by. Sure, the bank is nice enough to lend me tens of thousands of dollars every year, but one day I will have to pay if back double-fold. While in college, I do not hold a job because I figure it is enough that I spend 20 hours in class along with about 20 hours of additional homework. Pile on that dance rehearsal and spending time with my family and boyfriend (along with some procrastination) and I don't have much time to find a part-time job that will barely cover my rent every month.

I depend on my loans for school, a roof over my head, food, gas money (driving 2 1/2 hours almost every weekend takes a toll!) clothes, and some entertainment. College is needed in order to get a good job these days, especially because I want to be a teacher. I don't understand why college has to be so expensive if it is such a needed step in the education process. Jobs can be found without a college degree, but most cannot support a family.

I do get curious sometimes where all of this money goes that I pay to the school. Not only do I have to pay $3000 per semester for classes, I also have to buy books for the classes, sometimes spending up to $600 for textbooks. So what does the tuition pay for? Class room space? Over priced professors? The desks we sit in? I just don't understand it!

I am on a sort of rant, but at the moment, I have enough money to pay for January rent, gas to get back to school, and maybe 1 or 2 textbooks. I have already gone into debt with my parents for some Christmas presents. All in all, I live these few months in fear of spending my last dollar.

Well, rant over. This weekend we were thrifty enough to get a free Papa Murphy's pizza, Arby's lunch for $6 for the both of us, and all the free movies we could watch on Netflix. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I will be spending my next couple of days baking because I love to bake and it is free and keeps me occupied!

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